Luis Delgado Photo Artist

Dialogos Callejeros

Street Dialogues


An illustrated photo songbook referencing the street names of the Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City such as Homer, La Fontaine, Schiller and many other luminaries. A multifaceted journey of food, songs, ideas, ideals and street life. Spanish, English editions, 34 pages, hard bound in slip case. 10.5" x 11.5" x 2". Edition of 15 in each language.


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10 Carbon Conundrums


Coincidental Observations Pairings of events and images through coincidental dates

As told by Lisdebertus to Cedric Tlapaltotoli


A visual and textual commentary on our world’s changing circumstances addressing 10 fundamental issues we face, such as inhabitants of this planet – genetic manipulation, chemical manufacturing, pollution and Man’s incessant resource exploitation. Each issue is presented in a 3-panel folio using dual-sided printing and features images, text, graphs and a reference to a specific piece of music which inspired that folio.


10 three-panel dual-sided folios held in wraparound folder, laminated pigment on paper in etched aluminum box with HDPE insert. 13”x19”

Edition of 10


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Unfathomable Humanity


A Guide


By Lisdebertus as told to

Luis Delgado

As we enter the twenty-first century, it becomes evident that “inhumanity” is still a major force, even as we deem it “unfathomable”. As these photographic panels posit, we commit daily acts of “inhumanity” in the name of an ideal and from deep within our human institutions. Each piece is a montage of old drawings, photographs, and video stills representing well-known violent occurrences, past and present.


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San Francisco, California

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22 Pages, 8" × 10"

Hard bound


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Delgado / Castro / Mestres


Stratigraphy of a medium

Reflections on Luis Delgado’s re-presentation of Miguel Mestre’s glass negatives.



Luis Delgado / Miguel Mestres

Text: Fernando Castro

Edit & Design:

Bob Aufuldish / Luis Delgado


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San Francisco, California

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Stratigraphy of a medium

© 2016 Fernando Castro R.


38 Pages, 10 x 9"

Hard bound with dust jacket


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